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A selection of success stories and quotes submitted by Shiamatch members:-

"Alhamdulilah I'm celebrating my 6th wedding anniversary after meeting my husband on shiamatch. We were living between Australia/USA and found the distance no barrier at all, marrying in person after 3 months of talking via skype alhamdulilah. I had a child when we married and now we have 3 more alhamdulilah, honestly this is the best marriage site (e.g. compared to HOD) because you can be yourself and in the end marrying a shia really is important so you can both nurture your children in the teachings of the Holy Prophet (saw) through his Ahlul bayt (as). It is so so important to be on the same page! Overall my advice is to be honest on your profile, show your true personality (my hubby even wrote poems!), put culture aside!! look deeply into yourself and make a lot of dua (for others then yourself) and send lots of salawat and inshAllah you will find your perfect match!" -- J, Australia/USA

"Shia Match is a very discreet way of searching for a partner and as long as both sides are honest, you will soon know whether or not you've found the right one. Don't get disheartened if you don't click with the first person you e-mail, it's better to take your time. I was very lucky and very soon started corresponding with my future wife. We both agreed that the internet was a very good way of getting to know someone as it cuts out the initial akwardness. When we finally met after a month of writing it was as if we'd known each other for ages and becoming friends was a natural next step." - Hassan Hadi, U.K.

"I have found the love of my life courtesy the excellent forum you provided us with. Had it not been for shiamatch, I would have still been wondering in the alleys of self-doubt and loneliness. God bless you all." - Mohammad Rasheed

"Alhamdulillah I have found a momin for myself. Mine was a miracle of Allah as I found my husband on Shiamatch and I live in Bangalore, India. My husband came all the way from U.S.A to marry me. Now I am in the States, happy and praying for all the sisters and brothers who are seeking a life partner. One advice: never lie about your age, past, education and finances." - S. Juma [Webmaster: I personally met this couple in Austin, Texas. It was very exciting to hear their story. The internet truly changed their lives! ;-) ]

"Salaams, It was really nice to join your website and Alhamdulillah I found my perfect match and we are getting married soon. I would like to tell all my brothers and sisters out there that shiamatch is the right place for you to find your match and Inshallah by the blessings of Almighty Allah (s.w.t) you will meet the one made for you. Once again I thank the Lord above us for his blessing and shiamatch for their good work, ahsant!!" - M.Raza

"Dear Sir/Madam, I met a wonderful lady through your website. Me and Zareen got married in Lucknow on (date not shown). I am based in the USA and Zareen was based in India, there was no way we could have met each other other than your great website. Thanks a ton for the wonderful job you all are doing. Wassalam." - Syed M. R. Naqvi

"I met my husband through this site and I am very thankful to the founder and the whole team of It definitely can help those who have true and honest intentions. Thanks." - Mrs. Hussain

"Alhumdollilah I have found a girl for my son from your site. I cannot thank you enough. All I can do is pray for all of you to Allah (SWT)." - Shah

"Thanks for your site. I found the 'ONE' here!" - Muslima

"I met my wife-to-be about six months ago on ShiaMatch! To all those who are looking for marriage, ShiaMatch will work if you let it." - Imtiaz Ahmed, UK

"I have found my dream man on this site.Thank you for such a wonderful site." - Iman

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me find a really special person. Inshallah, things will work out for us." - Syeda

"I have found my soulmate... Thanx for your help. Khuda hafiz." - Hussain

"Thank you very much for your services. I have met my future husband through your site. It is filtered, sheltered and decent. I would encourage anybody who is seriously looking for a mate to try your site. Once again, thank you. " - Aly

"I am thankful to you that I got my match. Iltemas dua." - Anis

"Saba and I both would like to thank Shiamatch for bringing us together. We both had a long and arduous journey but in the end found each other." - Saif

"I have found an amazing person and Inshallah he and I will unite one day. May Allah Bless everyone with everything and everyone they want in life. Ameen! Keep up the good work, Shiamatch!" - K Rizvi

"Alhumdolilla, This is by far one of the greatest things I have seen to date... The power of communication is so awsome! Allah works in great ways, I hope and seem to have found someone with many thanks to the ShiaMatch Team" - Abbas

"Excellent Site. I have found my soulmate through your site. Keep up the good work." - S. Raza

"Thanks to Shia Match for this wonderful site. We have found our match and thank you once again. Wish you the very best!" - Ghazala

"I have found my fiancee and am due to be engaged today, Inshallah!" - Mujtaba

"I have found my luv thru this site... thnx a ton!" - Faizan

"I got a very good match, thanks!!" - Dr. S. Rizvi

"I got my life partner ....thx to ur site!" - S. Raza

"Salam. Thanks to your service... Alhamdulillah I have found my soulmate through your site. Jazakum alla kheiran." - Marjan

"Mashallah, with your help, we were able to find the most appropriate match for my sister. Wish you all the best in the future for your site and hope you keep up the good work. Inshallah, this site will help more momins to come closer to each other and bind in HOLY MATRIMONY." - A. Moosa

"Thanks, I've found my match from your site." - S. R. Rizvi

"I got married with the help of this website... Thanks a lot for this kind of service." - S. M. Iqbal

"Thank you very much for this excellent site. You made it easy for Shia brothers and sisters to meet and get married. I met my wife here and got married. Thanx to you again and Jazakom ALLAH khair" - Ali

"I would really like to thank Shiamatch as I believe I have been able to find someone for my life who would be my protector and caretaker on this earth. Well done, Shiamatch. Mashallah." - Muslima B.

"Salaams. I found the love of my life and my soul mate through your web site. I am very thankful to you. Khudahafiz." - Inayat

"Thanks for your help I have found the right person and I am very happy that your website really helped me. I will also tell my fellow sisters to register in ur website. With duas... May Allah (S.W.T) Bless you all A'amin." - Azmina

"I have found my ideal mate thru your website, thanks a lot for your assistance, it was great....keep it up!!! and may Allah bless you abundantly..." - S. Zainab

"I found my husband here. Thank you!" - Hala A. T.

"I got my life partner thru Shiamatch, and am very thankful for that. I pray to God that everyone be able to achieve the same thru Shiamatch." - H. Khimji

"Very thankful for helping in finding a match for my sister may Almighty, His beloved Prophet and his progeny bring a dream come true for all members of this organisation who support directly or voluntarily." - Fatima

"I've found my soul-mate, thanks to your site. Many thanks and all the best!" - R. Jafri

"Salam Alikum, Alhamdolillah I found my match with the help of this web site. Its really a very nice and healthy web site. Inshaallah, may Allah (swt) give you and your team members happiness that you want here and in the hereafter. Fiamanillah." - Sajjad, Madina, KSA

"I greatly appreciate your site and Alhamdulilah I have found a suitable match and Inshallah everything will work out and Allah will bless us and our families in our marriage... Jazakum Allah alf khairan...thanks again :o)" - N. K. A.

"Thanks to Shia match. I have found the one made for me." - Farah

"I found the man of my dreams within 3 days. I'm getting married to him in 3 months. This really works... :)" - Pakistani

"Salaam, This is a great site for Shias. And I pray for you all hard working and helping people. God is with you always. And let me tell you that I am married because of" - Maisam

"Yes, I found my perfect match on your website in 3 months. I am happily married for 2 weeks now. Thank you very much." - Zulfi

"Salaam, I found my match, thanks SM!" - Asgar

"I am grateful to shia match for finding me my life partner. Alhamdolilah we got married a few months ago. I wish luck and pray for all brothers and sisters who are using shia match." - Ammar Hussain

"Alhamdulillah, I have found my soulmate on ShiaMatch. Alhamdulillah, for the service you provide to the shia community worldwide. May Allah t'Alaa continue to bless your efforts." - Saabirah

"I'm really thankful to for getting me such a beautiful life partner. It has given me a new direction and I'd always remain thankful for it. Hats off to!" - Syed Ahsan

"I found my wife-to-be on shiamatch. Its an excellent site. Keep it up!" - Sheeraz Shah

"Thanks Shiamatch. May Allah bless you always and may you continue making matches just like mine... Mashaallah!" - Syed Abbas

"Salam Alaikum. Shiamatch is fulfilling a dire need of our community who are saved from middle agents. Alhamdolillah, my daughter's marriage solemnised happily through Shiamatch. My heartfelt thanks to the organisers who hosted this useful website. Now am searching for my son." - Mir Hasan Ali

"Alhamdullilah, I have found my match through Shiamatch and am happily married and thank Allah for all of you at Shiamatch. I hope there are more success stories like mine in future. Allah Hafiz." - Z. A. A.

"Well, after searching through this site, I found my Mr Right. I really apprecite those who pur an effort into this site. In fact we do need to find matches other than traditional ways. But you should be honest with yourself and others." - Zara

"Thank you shia match I found my dream man and my kind of type and we got engaged last week and now I'm removing my profile. Thank you once again." - Sajida

"Thanks to Shia match, I found a very good life partner on this website. I'll be thankful to you all my life for providing me this opportunity." - Hassan

"I have found my soul mate Inshallaah will get married to her soon. This site did help me come across many people but I found my soul mate out of this site. Thanx anyways 4 doing a great job." - Muslim

"Thanks to, I finally found my soulmate and wishing other Shias all the best." - Kaneez Z.

"The effort that has been put in this website is simply remarkable and outstanding. I have found a great guy through SHIA-MATCH. VERY IMPRESSED~!~!" - Batool M.

"Thanks to the team. I found Mr.Intelligent on your web site... and married to him now." - Zehra

"Thank you Shia match for getting me and my spouse to meet each other. Even though we were staying in the same town and same area... yet we never saw each other... until we met through shia match. With Bismillah... we are now starting our second phase of life." - Mustafa Mohamedali

"Salaam, Alhumdolilah by the grace of 14 masoomeen I met my partner on this site and we recited nikah in August 03 and Inshallah ruksati is in January 04. I do invite Shiamatch committee members to my wedding reception held in Dar-es-salaam. Best wishes and regards." - Zeenat W. and Jaffer M.

"Bismillah, I found my lovable wife through Khoda ke ham shukar guzar hain." - Syed

"Salaamz! I found that special person I've always been looking for through this site! We are looking forward to a life filled with happiness and joy inshallah... and it's all thanks to ShiaMatch! Need we say more???!!!" - Faiza Y.

"Salaamun Alaikum, Myself and my family are very thankful to you because you are the only one through whom we found a better and nice guy for my younger sister. We pray that with the blessings of Almighty God, your website does much progress and be more succesful in your achievements. Once again thanks to all your members without whose great efforts, nothing would be possible. Allah Hafiz." - Neelam

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